Additional Services and Charges
Additional services and charges if required, according to client's requirements, are available on a
standard-alone basis with applicable charges.

Landing Permit (Thailand)
TGH can assist in securing the relevant permits required by an aircraft to land or make a technical
stop in Thailand. As our company is registered in Thailand, we can successfully submit and obtain
a landing permit on time. Obtaining permission for landing can be the trickiest part of preflight
planning in many countries due to our long-standing contacts we are able to guarantee a swift and
positive response.

Hotel arrangements
Your journey doesn't end when your flight lands - and we at TGH would be happy to coordinate hotel
arrangements for crew at discounted crew rate and/or corporate rate.

Ground transportation arrangements
In addition, we are happy to arrange ground transport for crew to and from the airport and hotel
accommodation, giving a convenient and comfortable door-to-door service. Let us use our knowledge
to ensure you get the best possible service for your fine crew.

contact us with your enquiries and requirements:

When thinking of Thailand – THINK TGH!

Thai Ground Handling Co., Ltd.
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Additional Services and Charges
When thinking of Thailand – THINK TGH!